Hello World!

My name is Phally Kananin. One woman with many hidden talents (Air Force/Artis/Writer/Model/Fitness Guru/Ect…). Welcome to my personal webpage and what is soon to become my Blog site! This is something I’ve been working on for awhile and is still a work in progress as I learn to navigate this site I hope you find it useful and motivational! I’ve finally found my knick and knack and to become a motivational speaker is something that has been on my mind. So as I step out on faith I pray you enjoy following my journey to get to where God wants me to get. I’m a believer in Christ but I love all. I speak upon experiences and wisdom. I may not have gone through what you have gone through but I can relate to the feeling of what you been through. So please as I encourage people everywhere about Self-Love and Positivity I pray you have an open-mind to receive things from different perspectives for I am open to others opinions. Why? Because that’s what makes you special and who am I to judge? But only hope that we may agree to disagree. I have a passion to help others in every aspect in life so please don’t be afraid to contact me for any advice and I’m also open to criticism. I’m here to help build others to find love within themselves and be the change that they need in order to live a life filling and pleasing unto them! If you have any questions please feel free to email me or contact anyone of my personal social media pages. Or even if you want to network I believe in helping build each other so our greatness can shine through. Lastly, I appreciate all your love and support! <3

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